2011 IMPACT Symposium I

"New Paradigms in Clinical Trial Methodology"tunnel

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The symposium will consist of an interdisciplinary series of presentations centered around clinical trials and personalized medicine. Biostatisticians, clinical scientists, computational biologists and statistical geneticists will describe recent advances ranging from practical aspects to methodological developments in 6 scientific sessions covering the following topics:

  • Biomarkers and Trial Design
  • Adaptive Clinical Trial Design
  • Design and Analysis Involving Complex Time-to-event Data
  • Pharmacogenetic/Pharmacogenomic Analysis
  • Assessment of Drug Safety
  • Statistical Methods for Discovery of Individualized Treatment

This symposium will be of interest to clinical trial practitioners in industry and academia as well as others who have interest in recent and future directions in clinical trials and personalized medicine. We also hope the presentations and accompanying discussions will initiate future discoveries and progress in these important areas.

Date: Thursday, November 17th


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