2012 IMPACT Symposium II - Agenda

"Clinical Trials in the Era of Personalized Medicine"tunnel

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Day 1 (Thursday, November 1, 2012)

Workshop on Personalized Medicine and Dynamic Treatment Regimes

7:30-8:00AM Continental Breakfast

8:00-11:30AM Workshop (Marie Davidian, Eric Laber, and Anastasios Tsiatis, NC State; and Michael Kosorok, UNC) [Description]

11:30-1:00PM Lunch (not provided)

Scientific Program

1:00-1:10PM Welcome and Introduction

1:10-2:40PM Session I: Challenges in Developing Targeted Therapies; org. by Stephen George, Duke

1:10-1:40PM Speaker 1: Howard L. McLeod, UNC,
"Pharmacogenomics: discovery is necessary, but not sufficient"

1:40-2:10PM Speaker 2: Kouros Owzar, Duke,
"Challenges in genome-wide association analysis of drug-induced toxicity data from clinical trials" [Abstract]

2:10-2:40PM Speaker 3: Richard Simon, NCI,
"Development of Predictive Biomarkers for Molecular Targeted Therapy" [Abstract]

2:40-2:50PM Short Break

2:50-4:20PM Session II: Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs; org. by Sin-Ho Jung, Duke

2:50-3:20PM Speaker 1: Shein-Chung Chow, Duke,
"Benefits, Challenges, and Obstacles of Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs" [Abstract]

3:20-3:50PM Speaker 2: Daniel J. Sargent, Mayo Clinic,
"Biomarker-based clinical trials" [Abstract]

3:50-4:20PM Speaker 3: Anastasia Ivanova, UNC,
"Oncology phase II trials with ordinal outcome" [Abstract]

4:20-4:30PM Short Break

4:30-6:30 Poster session and reception (with snacks)

6:30PM Dinner (not provided)

Day 2 (Friday, November 2, 2012)

7:30-8:00AM Continental Breakfast

8:00-9:30AM: Session III: Comparative Effectiveness and Big Data; org. by Joseph Ibrahim, UNC

8:00-8:30AM: Speaker 1: Constantine Gatsonis, Brown,
"Clinical Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests and Biomarkers in CER" [Abstract]

8:30-9:00AM: Speaker 2: William Carpenter, UNC,
"Data needs for cancer comparative effectiveness research, and the Integrated Cancer Information and Surveillance System" [Abstract]

9:00-9:30AM: Speaker 3: Georgiy Bobashev, RTI,
"Prediction of the Best Treatment Assignment Using Random Forest with Regression in the Nodes" [Abstract]

9:30-9:40AM: Short Break

9:40-11:10AM Session IV: Dynamic Treatment Regimes; org. by Eric Laber, NC State

9:40-10:10AM Speaker 1: Rui Song, NC State,
"Penalized Q-Learning for Dynamic Treatment Regimes" [Abstract]

10:10-10:40AM Speaker 2: Daniel Almirall and Susan A. Murphy, U. Michigan,
"Getting SMART about developing individualized sequences of health interventions" [Abstract]

10:40-11:10AM Speaker 3: Kristin Linn, NC State,
"IQ-Learning" [Abstract]

11:10-11:20AM Closing remarks and scientific session adjourns